• Queen Room Villa Margherita Boutique Hotel Swakopmund
Situated in the heart of historic Swakopmund. Exceptionally central and quiet. True walking distance to restaurants, shops and beach.

The hotel’s name is a tribute to a remarkable woman who inspired many and amongst them the founders of Villa Margherita. “Margherita” also means daisy in Italian; a beautiful flower that embodies Love, Beauty, Transformation and New Beginnings – the very foundations of Villa Margherita itself. Villa Margherita is a small luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Swakopmund consisting of four stylish buildings which are all located close to each other on the same premises. A fusion of contemporary art and historic colonial buildings.



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We believe that our values and exclusivity set us apart from any ordinary accommodation, and we look forward to sharing our renowned hospitality with you.

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  • Centrally located, very tastefully decorated, excellent service. We felt very comfortable.

    Sonja Zirngibl

  • Lovely Villa, nice staff and good location with secure car parking. Would recommend for a few nights in Swakop.

    Michael J.

  • To start off the service was amazing, truly blown away by how kind everyone was to us. Secondly the location in the city was perfect, we only had one night here but got to see some good parts of the city without having to walk too far. Lastly the room we had was gorgeous. They have different style rooms and we had the one with a balcony. Everything was... Read this review

    Ken Kastel

  • Great little boutique Hotel in the center of Swakopmund. The staff is lovely, especially the woman at the reception Mutti is attentive and really friendly. Breakfast is very tasty and the massage is very good (Unfortunately I forgot the name of the massage woman, but her massages are amazing). The wifi works well, however it was a bit cold in the rooms during night. I would definitely recommend this... Read this review

    Jeanne Bill

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